Wow. Oils!

OK, so seeing as though my track record is a whopping 2 posts a year, I don’t know if I’ll be breaking any posting streaks, but I’m really excited to share something that’s been a new wonder to me: Essential oils. The therapeutic-grade kind.


I’m a smells kind of girl… I used to think that being a “Nose” for a fancy parfumerie would be a dream job before I was turned off by the idea of lab-created synthetic fragrances being less than ideal for health. Fast forward to this week, when my friend introduced me to pure natural essential oils. I was intrigued and convinced of the safety/purity enough to purchase a starter kit from Young Living. At the least they will make my home smell lovely, right? At best, they can overhaul and detoxify my medicine cabinet. Initially, I wondered if it was mostly for psychosomatic benefits, but this morning’s incident is starting to turn me into a believer:


I’m just starting to get my feet wet with this stuff, so I’ll share more of my experiences as I learn and discover!




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